5 Steps to Rent Your Property Fast

Did you know a Peebles Rental Property is generally on the market for 2 weeks or less before being successfully rented? Many are even rented before the previous tenants have moved out! However, the key to getting your investment property rented fast is to get it in rent-able condition as quickly as possible. Here are five steps to take to rent your property fast.



1. Start advertising as soon as possible

You don’t have to wait for your previous tenants to move out to start advertising. You can start processing applications before the property is vacant and get your next tenants lined up. It helps to schedule cleaning and maintenance work in advance so that it can take place as soon as the property is empty. Alternatively, if the house is already in showable condition, you could consider a deal with the outgoing tenants to lower their last month’s rent in exchange for a beautifully clean house when they leave.


2. Take a look at your curb appeal

First impressions are so important. Potential tenants are likely to decide for or against your home less than a minute after they first see it. Make sure the exterior is neat and tidy, including landscaping, and touch up paintwork anywhere where there are chipped, patched or dirty walls. These small details show you value your home and attract tenants who will respect your property too.Get an accurate market valuation


3. Get an accurate market valuation

Many landlords fail to increase rents in line with the market value. Make sure you know what similar properties are renting at in your local area. Look into small improvements that might increase the value of your property. Make sure to get an expert opinion so you don’t miss out on extra revenue.


4. Get a professional top-to-bottom cleaning

This should include a “full steam and shampoo” carpet cleaning and special attention to windows to let in as much light as possible. At Peebles, we have vendors who can get everything taken care of for you at a great price. We strongly suggest employing a professional cleaning company to ensure your property is spotless from top to bottom.


5. Take care of small fixes

Replace any broken light bulbs, inspect ceiling fans, clean the tracks on sliding doors, replace any broken window screens, replace damaged carpet or tiles, spray for pests. Looking after the small things contributes to the finished appeal of your property and can prevent more costly repairs at a later date.


If you have questions about property management or want to find out whether a professional property manager could be right for you, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Trisha at trisha@propertiescal.com or call Peebles Property Management on (530) 370-9188.


Trisha Atehortua

Posted by: sarahbudd on July 8, 2018
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